Oliver Nares (b.1952)

Photo by Graham Cooper (c.1985)

I was born in London on 1st April 1952, the eldest son of Gordon Nares. I went to two prep schools, Sandle Manor and Brambletye, and then to Eton.  After leaving school, I started training as an architect at the Architectural Association School in London.  I met and married Pippa (now Ruth) Dean who had a 4 year old daughter, Martha, but the relationship did not last and we separated after a year or so.  I was beginning to find that I was more interested in making the things that I designed than administering other people doing the job so I began making furniture from a mews workshop in Paddington where I lived with my new partner, Spider (now Kitty September).  In 1983 we had a son, Shaka, who I ended up raising when that relationship broke up.  I then spent three years traveling around in an American motor home before settling here at my farm. 

1987 was a big year for me, because I not only moved into the farm here, but met Susan.  She and her two children, Edwin (1980) and Lucy (1987), moved in with me shortly after we met, and Arthur was born in 1990.

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer, and if you are interested you could visit a section of the site devoted to just that.  Click the camera!  I also have a photography wesite Here where you can order prints online.

I bought the nares.net domain name primarily to have a simple email address.  Then, thinking about what to do with the site, I realised it had potential for displaying family tree information.  There is another site for my mother's side of the family - www.mccance.net